Santé, bien-être

Correction of the Atlas - Fundamental discovery or hoax?

GEORGE-Perrin Francis

Première édition: 2007
Editeur: Editions à la Carte
Nombre de pages: 154
ISBN: 978-2-88464-807-3
CHF 30.00
Francis GEORGE-Perrin is a professional journalist and a member of the Swiss Association of Specialized Journalists. He is also a prizewinning writer and member of several literary associations in and other French-speaking countries. Although at first sceptical in the face of R.-C. Schümperli’s discovery, the author of this book nevertheless found himself drawn to the AtlasPR o filax method. He particulary notes the fast expansion of the method worldwide, applied by qualified “atlasprofs” from the Atlas Academy (based in Sierre, in the canton of Valais) . In this context, he has sought to gather together a collection of accounts from all over the world while maintaining a neutral standpoint, although he freely admits that he is still in contact with R.-C. Schumperli and several AtlasPROfilax practitioners today. The accounts reproduced in this book are but a fraction selected from the vast number of letters received and the interviews which took place in and abroad as part of his research. So, AtlasPROfilax and R.-C. Schümperli, immense hoax or proof of the fact that illness is not a fatality? By reading these accounts, everyone can familiarize themselves with this considerable, if not revolutionary discovery in the field of health. These accounts, significant for many reasons, should provide an initial response to those who have doubts about the effectiveness and credibility of the method. The author is continuing his enquiry. In order to contribute to his compilation of accounts, contact him by email at . To date, several hundred thousand people worldwide have chosen to have their atlas, the first cervical vertebra, repositioned using the AtlasPROfilax method. According to R.-C. Schumperli, the atlas has been dislocated since the very beginning in practically every human being, with recognized consequences on both physical and mental levels.

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